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   WHITE                                                                                                                 175ml   250ml     Bottle


   1.  LA VILLA REAL MACABEO 2016, LA MANCHA, SPAIN                               £4.10     £5.80       £16

         A beautiful fresh and zingy wine made from 100% Macabeo grapes.


   2.  SAUVIGNON 2016, DESIRE FRANCOIS, FRANCE                                       £4.40     £6.20      £17

        Fresh, dry well balanced with surprising concentration.

          Beautiful aromas of green apple.

        Try with fish, especially shellfish.


   3.   PINOT GRIGIO 2016, MATRA HILL, HUNGARY                                         £5.10     £6.70       £18.50

        A great version of this popular wine, slightly off dry, light but full of flavour.


   4.  SIMONSIG ESTATE CHENIN 2016, STELLENBOSCH, SOUTH AFRICA                                    £19

        Crisp bite with flavours of green apples from this prestigious estate in Stellenbosch.  

          Try with fish          


  5.  BODEGAS VITULIA VERDEJO 2016, RUEDA, SPAIN                                                                 £27

        Clean and bright, highly aromatic white fruit intensity, very fresh and fruity taste.            


    6.  PENHILL ESTATE PEDLARS REST 2015, NUY VALLEY, SOUTH AFRICA                              £23.80

        An extraordinary fine blend of 4 grapes from the great Penhill estate.


    7.  MOUNT CAMPBELL SAUVIGNON 2016, NELSON, NEW ZEALAND        £6.90      £9         £25

        From an excellent producer in Nelson. Vibrant gooseberry and passionfruit

           aromas with a superb finish.


  8.   VINA HERMOSA BLANCO 2015/16, BODEGAS SANTALBA,                                                  £21.90

         RIOJA, SPAIN  

         A lovely fresh crisp wine made from Viura grapes.

        Try with chicken or pasta dishes.


   9.   MÂCON PRISSÊ BLANC 2015/16, DOMAINE DE LA FEUILLARDE,                                      £28.50


          A very fine Macon. Long on flavour, full bodied and buttery.  




     RED                                                                                                                  175ml    250ml     Bottle


  10. LA VILLA REAL TEMPRANILLO SYRAH 2016, LA MANCHA, SPAIN        £4.10     £5.80       £16

          A blend of these two superb grapes. The Tempranillo gives it

            softness balanced by the fruit and body of the Syrah grape.


    11.  GRENACHE MERLOT 2016, DESIRE FRONCOIS, FRANCE                     £4.40     £6.20       £17

           A deliciously fruity red with the power of Grenache grapes

             combined with the silky smoothness of Merlot.


   12.  CAPE HANGKLIP SHIRAZ 2015, SOUTH AFRICA                                     £5.20     £6.80       £19

          A robust Shiraz, full bodied, with typical spices and pepper

            on the nose and palate. From a top quality producer.

            Try with lamb.


   13.  ALTO DE MAYO MALBEC 2016, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA                                                   £21

           A full bodied wine with rick, dark, cassis scented black fruit flavours.

            Try with steak or roast beef.


  14.  DOURO RED 2014, CAVES MESSIAS, PORTUGAL                                                                  £21.50

          This is a delicious soft wine with flavours of plums and blackberries,

            made from the same grapes as Port.

          Try with any red meats.


  15.  VINA HERMOSA CRIANZA 2014, BODEGAS SANTALBA, RIOJA, SPAIN                            £28.50

           One of the finest quality Bodegas in Rioja. 100% Tempranillo with

             16 months in oak. A familiar vanilla scent on the nose.



           Steep slopes and hand picking contribute to this voluptuously fruity Gamay

              grape wine.

            Try with chicken or lamb.


  17.  PINOT NOIR 2015, CHEVALIER GEORGES, FRANCE                                                             £22.50

           An warm climate southern French Pinot Noir from a tiny 5 hectare vineyard

             near Montpellier.  

             Try with lamb.


  18. PENHILL ESTATE SAW EDGE PEAK 2014, NUY VALLEY, SOUTH AFRICA                         £31.50

         A superb wine blended from 5 Bordeaux grape varieties and bottled

           on the Penhill estate.




    ROSÈ                                                                                                               175ml    250ml     Bottle


  19.  LA VILA REAL TEMPRANILLO ROSADO 2016, LA MANCHA, SPAIN     £4.10      £5.80       £16

         A dry style rose with a long finish and a slightly deeper colour.


  20.  PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH 2016, MATRA HILL, HUNGARY                         £4.80      £6.30      £17.50

          A deliciously fruity red with the power of Grenache grapes

           combined with the silky smoothness of Merlot.


  21.  ROSÈ D'ANJOU 2016, COMTE DE LA BOISSERIE, FRANCE                 £5.50       £7.10     £19.50

         For those who prefer a bit of sweetness in their rose.

           Hints of strawberry and raspberry on the nose and palate.




   FIZZ                                                                                                                 175ml    250ml     Bottle


   22.  CHAMPAGNE JOLY BRUT, FRANCE                                                                                      £35.90

           The Joly family produces this excellent dry Champers mainly

             from black grapes on their estate west of Epernay.

             Try with shellfish.


   23.  CHAMPAGNE JOLY BRUT ROSÈ, FRANCE                                                                            £39.90

           A fine full flavoured rose from the Joly family vineyards in the Marne valley.


  24.  BOLLINGER SPECIAL CUVEE BRUT                                                                                        £69

          One of the best of the large Champagne houses.


  25.  PROSECCO FRIZZANTE LA PIEVE, ITALY                                             125ml £4.80          £22.90  

           A light semi sparkling wine from Veneto.


   26.  VEUVE DE LALANDE ROSÈ, FRANCE                                                    125ml £5.20         £24.90

          Aromas of strawberry and raspberry with a gentle fizz.






   27.  LA VILLA REAL MOSCATEL 2016, LA MANCHA, SPAIN                       75ml  £3

          A concentrated late harvest sweet wine from La Mancha.

            Try with chocolate desserts.


  28.   MESSIAS LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE PORT 2012                                   75ml £4.90

          A deep plummy wine bottled after 4 years in casks.

            Try with a cheeseboard